Botulinum toxin

Ríos MD Plastics - Toxina Botulínica

The application of botulinum toxin is used to improve the areas affected by dynamic wrinkles, that is, those caused by making gestures with the muscles of facial expression. Generally the most commonly treated areas are the forehead, the frown and the region around the eyes (crow’s feet), however, we can use the toxin to improve other areas: gummy smile, drooping corner of the mouth, chewing muscles greatly increased in volume, wrinkles on the nose (bunny lines), among others.


Currently it is recommended to start with the application of botulinum toxin between 25 and 30 years (baby botox), this in a preventive way to delay the formation of wrinkles, since once the wrinkle is very deep, the toxin does not remove it completely and the subsequent application of a filler is required.


The result in both cases is natural, without loss of facial expression, lasting

between 4-6 months depending on each patient, since it depends on the strength of the muscles of the face, as well as how often they use them (how many gestures they do in their day to day) That is why some patients last longer than others, after applying the product.


The effect of the toxin starts to be observed 2-3 days after the application, and it is completely installed around 10-14 days, therefore, all of our patients are offered a follow-up appointment for evaluation at 2 weeks, if necessary, to apply a touch-up at no extra cost, in the previously treated areas.

Type of anesthesia: Topical (with a neural distractor to reduce pain)

Duration of application: 5 mins

Recovery time: Right away

Important aspects of recovery:

– Avoid making major efforts during the first hour after application, to reduce the appearance of small bruises.

– The effect of the application of the toxin, starts until 2-3 days, and reaches its full effect after 2 weeks.