Rhinoplasty is the surgery that changes or improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose. You can modify the shape of the nose through fillers or surgery, to have a better balance of proportions and facial harmony, in this section we will talk about surgery, which gives us a permanent result.


The surgery is performed by cutting through the base of your nose and inside of it, leaving only a small scar of a few millimeters, which over time will be practically imperceptible. The bones and cartilage of the nose can be altered to give a better appearance, for example lifting of the tip, correction of a dorsal hump, decrease in width, among others. Even in some cases some functional aspects (breathing) can be improved, however, it is not the main objective of the surgery.

Type of anesthesia: General

Duration: 2-3 hrs 

Recovery time: 5-7 days

Important aspects of recovery:

-Stitches and splints (if used) are removed 5 days after surgery, during which time breathing through the nose will be a bit difficult.

-A splint with tape will be left, the Dr. will indicate how to change it daily from the day of removal of stitches in consultation.

-The final result takes between 6 months and a year to be obtained, HOWEVER, changes in nasal shape and function are noticeable immediately after surgery.

-You have to be patient in your recovery to get an excellent result.