Facial infiltration with Fat (permanent fillers)

Ríos MD Plastics - Toxina Botulínica

The facial infiltration with fat is performed in those patients who have a loss of volume in
different areas: nasolabial sulcus (from nose to mouth), nasojugal (under the eyes), around the
eyelids, puppet lines (in commissures of the mouth), at the level of cheekbones, temples or
cheeks, among others. Basically, it is about recovering or correcting the volume of different
areas of the face, to give a youthful appearance.
To infiltrate fat in the face, it is necessary to remove fat from other areas, generally the
abdomen or thighs, to be able to process it and subsequently infiltrate the areas that are
needed. As it is a procedure where living tissue (fat) is manipulated, it is important to do it with
the greatest cleanliness and sterility, which is why it must be performed in the operating room,
to avoid the risk of infections that can spoil the result of the surgery, and cause bad permanent
results in the patient.

Type of anesthesia: Local vs local with sedation.
30 mins
Recovery time:
2-3 days

Important aspects of recovery:
-The place where fat is most commonly obtained is the abdomen, for which a small cut has to be
made, usually in the navel.
-Fat fillings are PERMANENT, that is, since the fat where it was placed is integrated, the volume
will not be lost, except over time, sometimes it is advisable to start with temporary fillings
(hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite) to see if the result is adequate.
-Fat has a percentage which is lost after infiltrating, for different reasons, therefore the result is
variable after surgery and should be discussed with the surgeon.
-The final result takes between 2-3 weeks; however, changes can be observed immediately after
It is necessary to be patient in the recovery to obtain an excellent result, and do not manipulate
the areas of the filling in the first days to avoid moving it out of place or losing part of what was
infiltrated, unless the surgeon recommends some type of massage.