Ríos MD Plastics - Hiperhidrosis

The application of botulinum toxin can be used to decrease the secretion of sweat from the glands found in the armpits or hands. Some people suffer from excessive sweating, which causes them discomfort in their daily life, and they would like to decrease the secretion of sweat from these areas.


There are surgeries that can improve sweating, however, with botulinum toxin, we can reduce this problem without surgery for long periods of time. The result of the application lasts between 4-6 months and topical anesthesia is generally used, in cream or in some cases injected, this to reduce the pain of the application of the toxin, since it must be injected in very sensitive areas.


The effect of the toxin begins to be observed 2-3 days after application, and is completed around 10-14 days, and high doses are needed to reduce sweat secretion in large areas (hands, armpits).

Type of anesthesia: Topical (cream anesthesia and / or anesthesia injection)

Duration of application: 15-20 mins

Recovery time: Immediate (sensibility may take 1-2 hours to return if anesthesia is used)

Important aspects of recovery:

– Avoid making major efforts during the first hour after application, to reduce the appearance of small bruises.

– The effect of the application of the toxin begins until day 2 or 3 and reaches its full effect after 2 weeks.