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Lobuloplasty is the surgery that changes the shape of the earlobes, when they are generally very large or in some cases they have been torn or split due to the use of earrings. The surgery is performed in the office, under local anesthesia, and a repair is performed depending on the type of correction desired. It is not the same repair for all types of deformities or injuries.

Type of anesthesia: Local 

Duration: 20-30 mins

Recovery time: 3-5 days

Important aspects of recovery:

-The sutures are removed after 5 days.

-Generally a space is left to keep an earring in position, the ideal is to wear an earring of material that does not cause allergies (gold). If you don’t have one, a thick suture can be left in place.

-If the hole has changed a lot, or if the lobe has changed significantly, the piercing can be placed in a new location.

-The final result takes between 2 and 3 weeks, even so, the changes in the shape are noticeable immediately after the surgery.