Neck lift

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The neck lift is the surgery in charge of improving the appearance of the neck, when the skin and deep tissues (muscle and fat) lose their firmness and begin to sag, losing volume, losing the youthful angle of the neck skin and producing a tired and old-age appearance.


The surgery is performed with cuts in hidden areas of the hair and around the contour of the ears, to hide the scars. An attempt is made to tighten the neck muscles and collect excess skin to create a proper jaw angle that denotes a younger neck.

Type of anesthesia: Local with sedation vs general

Duration: 2-3 hrs

Recovery time: 5-7 days

Important aspects of recovery:


-The sutures are removed 5 days after surgery in general, in areas of high tension of the wound, they can be removed after 7-10 days.

-The inflammation is accentuated the first 2-3 days after surgery, so some care must be followed when exerting, and medications and local cold can be used to reduce the inflammation.

-In some cases, drains may be needed, which are removed 1-2 days after surgery.

-In patients with high blood pressure, great care must be taken with monitoring to avoid complications.

-The final result takes between 3 and 6 months, however, from the first week a change in the shape of the face can be observed.

-There may be asymmetries in the first days after surgery, due to inflammation or bruising. Nothing that time and massage can’t resolve.

-In any facial surgery, it is important to take care of the sun during the period that there is inflammation from the surgery, and that the scar has a strong color, since the skin can become pigmented (painted) and take a long time to remove. Use sunblock daily.

-It is important to watch your diet after surgery (if you gain a lot of weight, the result may not be noticeable or it may be very subtle).