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Fillers are used to enhance the volume of certain areas, generally the face, and give a younger appearance in a person who has lost volume with age or massive weight loss.


The main cause of facial aging is the loss of the volume in the facial bones, which lessens the support provided to the skin, muscles and fat, and produces a sagging effect. By adding volume (with a filler), we can make both a lifting effect and correct folds that have appeared due to aging, sun damage, smoking and many other causes.


Usually, the most used are hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite and fat. Some are temporary, with a duration that ranges from approximately 6-18 months depending on its viscosity, and others are permanent, such as fat, but which must be handled more carefully than temporary fillers.


Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is very complex, and for a problem there are many solutions, so it is important that you mention what bothers you, or what is that you want to improve the most, and depending on this, we can offer you an ideal solution to achieve it.

Type of anesthesia: Topical (cream anesthesia and / or neural distractor to reduce pain)

Duration of application: 15-20 mins

Recovery time: Immediate (sensibility may take 1-2 hours to return if anesthesia is used)

Important aspects of recovery:

– Avoid making major efforts during the first hour after application, to reduce the appearance of small bruises.

– The application of some fillers can cause inflammation, which takes several days to go down, so a follow-up appointment is suggested for any details within 2 weeks of its application.