Cruroplasty (Thigh lift)

Ríos MD Plastics - Cruroplastia

The cruroplasty, or thigh lift, is the surgery with which we remove the excess skin in the inner part of the thigh. Like brachioplasty, it is an area that we can hardly improve much with only liposuction, since when removing a lot of fat, the skin in this area tends to hang and fold instead of retracting.


The surgery is performed with incisions of a different length, depending on how much excess skin the patient has. They can be small incisions that are hidden in the crease of the groin, or incisions that go down to the knee region.

Type of anesthesia: Epidural block and sedation.

Duration: 1-2 hrs.

Recovery time: 1-2 weeks

Important aspects of recovery:

-Most sutures do not have to be removed; the body reabsorbs them.

-In some cases, drains are left which are removed when they have a lower output (fluid output) of 30 ml per day, or if they’re open drains, they stay for 1-2 days.

-The extent of the scar depends on each patient.

-It is advisable to avoid straining and exercise using the legs for 2-3 weeks to avoid wound complications.

-The final result takes between 2 and 3 months, however, from the end of the surgery, an important change can be noticed.

-It is important to take care of the scars to prevent them from having a poor quality, taking care of them from the sun, friction and any irritation. Use sunblock and hydrate, on daily basis, after 1-2 weeks of your surgery, when the skin is completely closed.

It is important to watch your diet after surgery (if you gain a lot of weight, the result may not be noticeable or subtle).

-Compression girdles are used for 24 hours for a minimum of 4 weeks.