Ríos MD Plastics - Liposucción

Liposuction is the surgery with which we can shape the figure and change the contour of the body. Sometimes people think that with liposuction you can lose weight, however, it is not the goal of the surgery, but it is an added benefit depending on the amount of fat removed.


Regarding the results, there are basically 3 types of patients:

-Those with a lot of fat who want to reduce volume, improve contour and use that fat to infiltrate different body areas.

-Patients with moderate or little fat, who want abdomen definition (soft definition), in which we accent on the vertical lines of the abdomen, being able to use the fat to infiltrate, for example in buttocks or hips.

-Patients with little fat, who want a high-definition abdomen (HD), in which we mark the “Six pack”, among other areas, like arms or even the thighs. In men we also infiltrate some fat in shoulders (deltoids) and chest (pectorals) to give a more athletic appearance. Generally, the best results are from patients with a fit lifestyle and who exercise regularly.

There are safety limits to adhere to during surgery. When we aspirate fat, we aspirate some blood with it, however, there are safety measures that we use to avoid complications due to blood loss, such as the maximum limit of fat that we aspirate by surgery, and the use of adrenaline to reduce bleeding, among others.


When the skin is already very loose, many times we have to combine liposuction with cuts or skin resection, to give a good result. In those cases where the skin is only slightly flaccid, or in which we want to have a more fit result, alternatives such as radio frequency (VASER) or plasma (J-Plasma) can be used to tighten the skin.


The surgery is performed through small cuts placed in strategic places so that they are better hidden with clothing, through which the fat will be aspirated, which are around 3-5 mm.

Type of anesthesia: Epidural block

Duration: Depending on the areas to work and the marking

Recovery time: 1-2 weeks

Important aspects of recovery:

-The sutures are removed in about 5-7 days.

-In cases with abdominal or lower back liposuction, drains are left in place, which are removed when they have a lower output (fluid output) of 30 ml per day.

-The swelling is accentuated the first 5-7 days after surgery, persists for a further 1-2 weeks, and then gradually begins to decrease.

-You can perform massages or lymphatic drainage, which greatly reduces inflammation and we have better, faster results, however they are very uncomfortable. During the assessment we can talk about them.

-During recovery, when there is inflammation, it is a good idea to watch out for the sun so that your skin does not stain.

-The final result takes between 6 and 12 months, however, from the second to third week a change in the shape of the body can be observed.

-It is important to watch your diet after surgery (if you gain a lot of weight, the result may not be noticeable or it may be very subtle).

-Compression girdles are used for 24 hours for a minimum of 4 weeks, except when taking a shower.