Eyebrow Lift

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The lifting of the eyebrow is the surgery in charge of improving the aesthetics of the eyebrows, when over time, or due to some other condition or disease, they are below their ideal site, giving a tired or sad appearance. The ideal level of the eyebrow is different for men and women.


The surgery is performed in different ways, with cuts that can be made directly above the limit of the eyebrow, or with hidden cuts at the hair level, depending on the result to be achieved with the surgery and the desired lifting effect.

Type of anesthesia: Local (usually combined with other surgeries and anesthesia from major surgery is used)

Duration: 20 mins

Recovery time: 3-5 days

Important aspects of recovery:

-Sutures are generally removed 5 days after surgery, however, when incisions are made in hair, they are removed within 7-10 days.

-The scar, as in any other procedure, has a process: it goes through the colors pink (initial), purple or the color of the patient’s dark skin tone (advanced), until it reaches the color of the patient’s skin in most cases.

-The final result takes about 2-3 months, however, from the first week a change in the position of the eyebrow can be observed.

-There may be asymmetries in the first days after surgery, due to inflammation or bruising, which resolve with time.

-In any facial surgery, it is important to watch out for the sun during the period that there is inflammation from the surgery, in which the scar has a strong color, since the skin can become pigmented or tainted. Use sunblock daily.